Weeded my garden

It was long overdue, but as the title of the blog says.  A lazy’s man garden.

Lettuce coming up nicely.  I need to thin these back a bit.  Maybe this weekend and make a salad.


Cabbage, I think.  Or broccoli.  One or the other.  I’m impressed at their size.


Strawberry waiting to turn red.  I got some netting to keep the birds out.  I’ll probably need to put it on shortly.



Halifax Seed

I’m less than impressed with you guys.  Yellow beans have 80% germination.  Green beans have 0%.  Peas are running at 20%.  6 kinds of herbs.  0%.  Even if I have aggravating environmental factors (which I don’t believe I do) I should still be doing better than 0. 

I appreciate that you guys are a local company, but I don’t see myself buying seed from you in the future.  $3 for a seed packet isn’t the point.  It’s the annoyance of setting aside a portion of my garden for your seeds and getting nothing in return.  Is there any sort of quality control?  My guess is that I’m buying old seeds. 

Halifax Seed, in your honour, I present my compost bin, infested and overflowing with maggots.


I was out in the garden tonight, 9:30, getting dark, mosquitoes looking for a snack, fireflies just coming out, replanting my peas with Sutton Seeds.  I have no idea what sort of peas these might be beyond the packaging.  I have high hopes.  Sutton Seeds haven’t let me down yet. I notice one of my peas walking away.  Come back here.  Grab it, and stick it back in the ground.  Gets up and walks away again.  huh?  The wind’s not that strong.  Pick it up again, but it feels kind of light.  Hold on.  Grab the flashlight and have a look.  It’s the egg sac on the back of a huge spider.  arrghhh….  Gardens at night have got weird bugs….

Need to re-seed

my peas and cucumbers.  I’m pretty disappointed in my peas.  I built the trellis for them, and waited for them to appear.  Of the roughly 100 peas I put in the ground, I’ve got about 8 plants. 

I put in 2 rows of beans – one green and one yellow.  Only one row came up.  And I forget which is which, so I’ve got a 50/50 chance.  I’m going with the green when I replant. 

And none of my herbs are coming up.  That’s annoying.  I’m not even going to bother reseeding those.  Maybe put some spinach or something in instead.

Compost thermometer

The wife got me a compost thermometer as an early Father’s Day gift.  Awesome.  Compost is registering at 80 F tonight.  I thought it would be hotter but as I started digging through it, I realized that it’s already about 70% composted.  Google says that I shouldn’t keep adding stuff piecemeal, but what does Google know. 


I’ve got an old garbage can that I’m going to poke holes in and transfer the current pile in.  Which frees up the existing bin.  Hopefully I can get 2 heaps of compost done by end of summer.

Beans and broccoli poking through.


Friday night

Pink lady slipper.  It’s a wild orchard that grows around here.  It likes acidic soil which may give you an idea as to why I do most of my gardening in boxes.


Slightly out of focus close up. My hand must have been shaking a bit.  I probably need a drink.


Tomato in one of those upside down planters that they sell on tv for $19.95.  2 for $29.95.  I got the seedling planted, added the soil, as was carrying it over to hang up when I dropped it.  Crunch.  The stem broke in 3 places.  It didn’t break off, but the fibre that gives the stem support completely let go.  Hmmm…  Normally it would be a write off but I figured if I was going to hang it upside down then it doesn’t actually need the support.  2 weeks later and it’s all healed up (relatively speaking).  It took a week to decide whether it was going to live or die, but now that it’s decided on life, it’s begun to send out new leaves. I’m excited.


View from the front porch on a beautiful Friday evening.  Newly planted apple tree – left of centre – it’s put out about 6-8 inches of new growth since I planted it 4 weeks ago.


The rhubarb.  I’ve got 3 varieties going.  These are Canada Red (?) and some other kind that I stole from my father-in-law’s backyard.  The German something-or-other variety (off camera) seems to be more late season than this.


Got the wood for my a-frame

8 pieces of 8 ft 1×2 at 97 cents apiece.  My kinds of prices.  It was kind of a spur of the moment decision while walking through Rona.  Hmmm…  I sure hope these fit in the car.  I’m probably going to use this on my peas.  If it looks nice, I might make a similar one for the beans.  I need to set something up for the tomatoes as well.  I used a combination of bamboo stakes and wire cages last year, but by harvest time the tomatoes were just a mass of falling over foliage. 

The reason I was at Rona was to get a pry bar – 5 feet long, weighs about 40 lbs.  There’s a big section of scrub in the front that we’re going to tear up and do something with.  Don’t know what, but something.  The pry bar is great for pulling stumps and dislodging rocks.  My father in law has one – he stole it from a CN rail yard years ago.  They used it to switch tracks.  I’m guessing he probably derailed a few trains…  Some conductor jumps down to grab the bar to move the track and the bar’s not there.  Good job, Bud.