Had a great time.  I love PEI.  It has to be the most manicured place I’ve ever seen.  People could live in dilapidated trailers but they still have great looking lawns. 

A week is a long time to leave a garden alone in July.  I was kind of worried about my broccoli before we left.  A week of 25 C temps every day.  And I come home to this.  They bolted.  Argghhh!! 


Transferring half of the compost to an old garbage can.  3 months since I first started and it’s pretty well composted. I think I have the maggots to thank for most of this.


Beans are coming along.


What’s wrong with this picture?Image

I don’t know much about Roma tomatoes but I’ve got 9 Roma plants and they’ve all got tomatoes that look like the above.  These aren’t Roma tomatoes.  They look like some sort of beefsteak.  I hate beefsteak tomatoes.  How could this happen????  Oh wait, I know…  Halifax Seed has screwed me again!!!!!  When they’re not selling me old seeds that won’t germinate they’re selling me seeds from the wrong plant.  I wouldn’t believe this if it wasn’t happening to me.  Let’s go through our checklist…

  • 50 peas – about 6 or 7 germinated.
  • 6 types of herbs – 0% germination
  • a whole row of beans – 0% germination
  • pickling cucumbers – 0% germination
  • purple carrots – about enough seeds to make a 4 foot row
  • roma tomatoes that aren’t
  • mint for my flowerboxes – 0% germination
  • lettuce was about 20% germination, which is fine because I heavily seeded, but I wouldn’t want to be relying on their seeds if I had a lettuce farm

The garden so far