Bloody lot of ants in the garden.  I’ve got 2 different kinds going.  A wee species – about 2 mm.  And a big one – half black, half red, big, powerful looking ants.  Them and the little guys gets along fine.  But I’m thinking they could be the same species – the bigger guys are the special forces, bred for combat. 

I don’t mind ants a bit.  They aerate the garden soil.  They’re awesome. 

We’ve got a bumper crop of earwigs this year.  I hate earwigs.  This is the 6th summer we’ve been here.  Every year has seen a different dominant bug species in the garden. 

Taking a walk 3 years ago and see a war going on in the middle of the street between 2 ant species.  There had to be 10,000 dead ants on the road.  And streaming in from each side of the street were reinforcements in a steady line.  It was like a National Geographic episode. 

My goal in life is to win the lottery and do a complete biomass survey of my property.  Get it published in Nature.