I’m less than impressed with you guys.  Yellow beans have 80% germination.  Green beans have 0%.  Peas are running at 20%.  6 kinds of herbs.  0%.  Even if I have aggravating environmental factors (which I don’t believe I do) I should still be doing better than 0. 

I appreciate that you guys are a local company, but I don’t see myself buying seed from you in the future.  $3 for a seed packet isn’t the point.  It’s the annoyance of setting aside a portion of my garden for your seeds and getting nothing in return.  Is there any sort of quality control?  My guess is that I’m buying old seeds. 

Halifax Seed, in your honour, I present my compost bin, infested and overflowing with maggots.


I was out in the garden tonight, 9:30, getting dark, mosquitoes looking for a snack, fireflies just coming out, replanting my peas with Sutton Seeds.  I have no idea what sort of peas these might be beyond the packaging.  I have high hopes.  Sutton Seeds haven’t let me down yet. I notice one of my peas walking away.  Come back here.  Grab it, and stick it back in the ground.  Gets up and walks away again.  huh?  The wind’s not that strong.  Pick it up again, but it feels kind of light.  Hold on.  Grab the flashlight and have a look.  It’s the egg sac on the back of a huge spider.  arrghhh….  Gardens at night have got weird bugs….