8 pieces of 8 ft 1×2 at 97 cents apiece.  My kinds of prices.  It was kind of a spur of the moment decision while walking through Rona.  Hmmm…  I sure hope these fit in the car.  I’m probably going to use this on my peas.  If it looks nice, I might make a similar one for the beans.  I need to set something up for the tomatoes as well.  I used a combination of bamboo stakes and wire cages last year, but by harvest time the tomatoes were just a mass of falling over foliage. 

The reason I was at Rona was to get a pry bar – 5 feet long, weighs about 40 lbs.  There’s a big section of scrub in the front that we’re going to tear up and do something with.  Don’t know what, but something.  The pry bar is great for pulling stumps and dislodging rocks.  My father in law has one – he stole it from a CN rail yard years ago.  They used it to switch tracks.  I’m guessing he probably derailed a few trains…  Some conductor jumps down to grab the bar to move the track and the bar’s not there.  Good job, Bud.