The tomatoes have been sitting in the basement window for the past 6 weeks.  Tall and spindly and falling over.  Just as I expected.  Put them out for 2 hours today – starting the process to harden them off.  Hope to get them planted within the next 2 weeks.


And just as I expected, a couple hours in the fresh air knocks them all over.  It doesn’t matter.  I transplant them to the top leaves.  What they look like now isn’t relevant.


The wife got me a compost bin a few weeks back.  It’s already 2/3 full.  Lot of ants, beetles and maggots.  Awesome.  I went rooting around in it last night.  Smells nasty.  But it was nice and hot.  So it’s working.


The rhubarb.  Going to be big this year.  Rhubarb strawberry pies.  Mmmmmm….Image

Planted an apple tree out front.  5 grafts on it.  Gravenstein, Macintosh, Spartan, Spy and Red Delicious.