I’m still thinking about what to plant.  I’ve got about 350 square ft in the backyard.  Eight garden boxes, a tomato patch, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, and an 8-10 ft section next to the house. 

The internet tells you to always rotate the location of your tomatoes.  I’ve had my tomato patch in the same place for 5 years now.  Last year was a bumper crop.  I’m not moving it now.  I just replace the nutrients in the soil through the use of large amounts of chemicals. 

I started the tomatoes on the weekend.  32 jiffy pellets.  I thought about buying some grow lights, but that costs money, so I’m just going to throw them in the windowsill instead.  They’ll get tall and spindly, but who cares.  I’ll just stick them in the ground up to their top leaves when I transplant.